IT Support Services

We provide traditional IT services and support for businesses that cannot afford to staff a full-time IT administrator. Finding one person with the right skillset and keeping them busy at affordable rates are challenges for small businesses. Therefore, small businesses leverage us to manage their computing needs in addition to using our expertise in identifying and implementing new technologies that complement their business.

We’ve got you covered in one place for:

  • Networking – design, setup, maintenance and support
  • Hardware and Software acquisition
  • IT Support for day-to-day issues or second level support
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Antivirus and Network Security
  • Project Support for new technology
  • More...

We provide service both onsite and remotely. Using Internet-based technology, we can remotely manage your network and proactively resolve issues before they happen to keep the costs down and your network reliable.

Whatever your vision is for your business, the technology support you apply should get you there faster and more efficiently. Let Essential IT align the proper technology support to you. Contact us for a free consultation by either sending us an email request or calling us at 313.586.7462.